Monitor Varroa
New revolutionizing tool launching

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         More bees
       More flowers!
Varroa mites kills bees!
BeeScanning reveals the parasite.
Tells beekeeper to treat.
Take picture with your phone, let the App analyze.
How many mites are there?
On moving bees its almost impossible!
How it works

Control Varroa destructor
VarroaScanning with your SmartPhone
click to zoom

Photographed Broodframes

Quality will be cruical for analyzing

1. Full frame
Used to calculate number of bees in the colony
2. Zoomed
Distance 20 cm (with iPhone 6) gives proper resolution.

Images uploads. Read results and decide measures.

Varroa may hide between segments, on side or be partly hidden under wings.
Bitter to detect or nice and easy, sweet!

Treat and/or select for breeding
Participate in Pilot Study