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New revolutionary BeeTagTool launching For the first time beekeepers around the world can collaborate combating Varro destructor thanks to Kickstarter. BeeScanning is building the largest database of visually tagged photographs of bees. You can help in the following ways: • Upload photographs of your bees • Inspect and visually tag features: varroa mites, deformed wings,…(Read More)

New tool emerging


Next week a new tool will launch that enables beekeepers to upload images of bees and label parasites with a polygon tool. This information will the be used training the artificial neuron network. (Deep Learning technology…(Read More)


The initial training of the neuron net is as descibed in the image below, the only difference is that a human has to cut bees with varroa on, and for that we are building a superfast tool. The image just describes how the neuron net works but then again there is a layer above with…(Read More)