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New logo


It wasn’t easy to choose! But we are very happy to have chosen design of Eshtiyaki. With 303 contributions from 82 talented designers, vis Many extremely interesting and attractive. We went for simplicity combined with complexity with timeless graphical components. Many others were really geniously designed, (the bee drawn with one line…(Read More)

Tagger – New revolutionary tool launching For the first time beekeepers around the world can collaborate combating Varro destructor thanks to Kickstarter. BeeScanning is building the largest database of visually tagged photographs of bees. You can help in the following ways: • Upload photographs of your bees • Inspect and visually tag features: varroa mites,…(Read More)

Chinese subtitles


Thanks to Victor at iMicroscope we are thrilled to encourage our Chinese speaking friends viewing our video with subtitles in simplified or traditional Chineses, at Kickstarter or here at our site…(Read More)