monitor your bees health

Knowledge when needed to discover parasite Varroa and other risk factors.
All in your camera.

“Version 1.0.7, magically fast and safe diagnosis of varroa, dwv and queen”
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How it works

Easy to use, free to try. Get started, contribute to healthier bees.

1. Photograph

Photograph your bees. Click scan.

2. Get results

View the results of the analyze.

3. Fix

Act on advice to save your bees.

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Find out if your hives have varroa, wingless bees or other problems. The queen and colony strength is also detected. It´s all very accurate, fast and easy to use.

Use your camera to collect images from bees on the comb in your hive. An image will typically contain 250 bees. Create a collection of 10 -30 images, covering 2500 – 7500 bees. Press scan and images are instantly analysed on our servers. Analysing is done in 100 milliseconds by artificial intelligence in neural networks, NN, with deep learning technology.
Result is displayed on each image and as an average for the collection. The result can be used to determine need of treatment depending on infestation level and time of the season.

We need bees, bees need us

”BeeScanning started in 2016 when we found a correlation between what’s visible in an image and how many mites you get from alcohol sampling. Actually Im a very caring beekeeper and cant stand seeing my bees suffer from the mites. I was in search of ways to monitor my bees health.
The bees pollination brings world its food. Bees are vital to all land ecosystems as we know it. But bees are in jeopardy. Every year, 15-40% of the global bee populations dies as a result of varroa infestation andother diseases enhanced by environmental issues in the modern farming landscape. Many of these hives could have been saved, if we only had the right tools to detect and correct the dangers in time.

In our vision no colonies should have to die because of lack of knowledge. We also envision BeeScanning evolving into a research tool finding resistant bees, a prognoses health tool and a learning environment for beekeeping.

BeeScanning also has the potential to evolve to the standard tool assesing colony strength and value in the pollination industry and trading with bees.

Our technology will expand into applications in farming, medicine and processing industry.

Our credo: If you can see it and understand the reason- it can be analysed.

Try it for free. Contribute to the future of beekeeping. Your images will add to the knowledge database”

-Björn Lagerman

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How to use

A five minutes tutorial on how BeeScanning is used in real-time,
showing its lightness and easy-to-use functions.