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After 9 months of intense work, we present BeeScanning version 2.0 Free download and use. Android here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beescanning.android and for iPhone here https://apps.apple.com/app/id1340335940.

Version 2.0 has brand new AI, design and construction. Ayards / Hives / Analysis / Pictures. Easily find with sorting. See results for each bee / hive / analysis. Results done before you have time to close the hive. We now focus on only varroa but prepare dwv, fertile queen and spawn diseases. Available in 13 languages.

Many thanks to BeeScanning’s team.

AI: and cloud adaptation: Martin Längkvist, Torbjörn Stavenek, Neurolearn
Apputveckling: Hussain Fakhruddin och Zeeshan Ahmed, Teksmobile
Design: Adam Vikström
Tagger team: Alva Adolfsson, Kevin Otter, Åsa Örterstöm, Emmy Sundström
Marketing, Coaching: Mattias Andershed, Incubate
Back office: Jerker Sandsten
System design: Rikard Lagerman (thx for your outstanding endurance)

appvideo from Björn Lagerman on Vimeo.

All the pictures you take will contribute to better knowledge and healthier bees.





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