Godkänd för Kickstarter


Vi är mycket glada och stolta att projektet har godkänts för lansering på Kickstarter. Vi planerar lanseringen till slutet av April.
Material på Kickstarter kan ses här

BeeScanning video för Kickstarter

2 Responses to "Godkänd för Kickstarter"
  1. I cousin!!!! My husband and I will make a contribution and we will share this video to many of our friends and family on Facebook.
    We love the video Love made, REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you Bjorn and everyone working on this very important project!!
    Love, Tina

  2. Thank you Tina! Thanks for sharing our enthusiasm! Its been wonderful to work with Love. And we are very exited nearing launch. We are preparing some translations of the video and are soon ready to take off!( In the upper right corner there is an icon for the site in english)/ best Björn

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