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Millions of honeybee colonies will die every year! In the US about 44%! Each year!

It’s terrible -and the main cause is the parasite mite -Varroa Destructor.

In Europe almost 20% are lost yearly.

My friend and collegue my next neighbour he had 800 colonies and lost 500!

The following winter he lost another 250, so now today he is left with 50 colonies.

Beekeepers around the world are struggling to save their bees from varroa.

But they fail! They fail to detect the infestation level in time

and so when the winter comes there bees are dead.

Its a shame!

We can change that!

My name is Björn Lagerman. I have about 100 beehives in the middle of Sweden. 

Last summer I discovered what I believe is a new way to monitor Varroa.

By only using the camera in your phone.

The idea is to take pictures with the phone and let an app find the mites in the images.

Then you decide to treat or not.

The app will also provide basis for finding bees that show resistance against Varroa.

This is very important!

We can not depend on chemicals, we must select for resistance.

To make the app work we are creating a database and image analysing software.

We wish to collect thousands of pictures from frames with bees.

We then group them according to infestation level as measured by alcohol washing.

That is the foundation for the development of the software.

The correlation between images and alcohol washing as benchmark.

How many mites in the images and how many mites there are in the alcohol washing.

We aim to have the app ready in december 2017.

To push the project ahead, your help would make a great difference.

We wish to get pictures and survey data from about 10.000 hives. Around 40 000 images totally.

The more pictures we can collect the faster we can develop and the more accurate the software.

We think we can reach that really fast if some 1000 beekeepers worldwide examined 10 hives each.

During 2017 we will compare the data with our own extended survey.

It will be supervised by leading experts and researchers already on board in our team.

For the initial stage we need about 5000 dollars. So that is what we ask for.

The more you help us the faster and more exact our results will be.

Funds are needed for building a database stucture to handle lots of data from the worlds beekeepers. 

Depending on your contribution as a beekeeper or a backer we wish to offer:

-Personal analysis of colonies.

-T-shirts with “I support BeeScanning”.

-Your name on our supporter page.


-Can advertise in the app and on the supporter page.

-Use our logo in your own marketing.

Your name as supporter on our site, T-shirts. Major donors will get invitations to visit

apiaries and meet our incredible research team.

Its really vital to help our bees. Bees are so important.

The project will have great social impact.

Beekeepers around the world, join our efforts!

Backers help the future of beekeeping!

From me and the team – thank you!

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