New Tool Launching – Tagger

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Tagger – New revolutionary tool launching

For the first time beekeepers around the world can collaborate combating Varro destructor thanks to Kickstarter.

BeeScanning is building the largest database of visually tagged photographs of bees. You can help in the following ways:
• Upload photographs of your bees
• Inspect and visually tag features: varroa mites, deformed wings, or where the queen is.
• Or help tag someone elses photos! It is easy, fun and important.

Once we have several thousands of samples of varroa mite infested bees, deformed wings, queen bees, etc, we will train an neural network to learn to identify these features automatically.
The result is an app – BeeScanning – that you or anyone else can use to automatically and immediately detect these features among bees, by just taking a photograph with your mobile phone.


So to be very clear this is not the app! This is not the neural network software! This is the tool to collect the data for training the software. And this has become possible through the pledges you have made. It is really awesome and a true Kickstart! Thank you all so much. Team/Björn

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