faq inside the app


Inside the app

Why is there a silhouette bee when I want to add an image?

Move your camera to sync it with the size of the bees and your picture will be optimal for analyse.

Where in the hive should I take the pictures?

Take pictures from second brood frame and as many as you want to cover 3000 -6000 bees.

How should I take the picture?

Place the comb so you can hold the phone with both hands. Less shaky. Avoid direct sunlight since it creates sharp shadows and contrasts. Take the picture from about 25 cm from the frame in right angel. Unsharp, to close or far away images will impair results.
On a Dadant frame take 4 images on each side. On a 3/4 Langstroth take 2 images from each side. Avoid overlap.

What is a collection?

A collection contains the images you take from a hive or even an apiary. Results from analysing will reflect the average of the collection.

Can images be stored in different collections and sent for analyse later?

Yes take images and build collections offline, press scan when you are ready and connected.

How do I create new collections?

Yes tap button in bottom bar

Can you edit metadata, like apiary etc?

Yes, after taking first picture there will be a button in the bottom bar, + inside a square.

Is there a way to search images, collections?

Soon in update there will be a searchbar in top menu.

How do I delete an image or a collection?

Long press and options will reveal.

How many images is maximum in a collection?

Maximum 30

How many images should I take from one colony?

Depending on infestation level you will want to picture between 3000 -6000 bees. With 250 bees in each image that is 12 – 24 images, covering 2 – 4 brood frames.

Where in the hive should I take the pictures?

Take pictures from second brood frame and as many you want to cover 3000 -6000 bees.

Why not take pictures from frames above the excluder?

Mites are preferably found on the brood and results tend to vary more the further away you get.

When should I take the pictures?

Preferably in the beginning of the season and just after your main honeyflow, 1-2 months before wintering.

Can I access my images and results?

Yes they can be accessed within the app.

Can I change language?

In update. For now faq is only in English and Swedish.

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