REFAB in Cologne

 In presentation

On 1 and 2 October, around 200 experts from 25 countries met in Cologne for the international conference “Revolution in Food and Biomass Production”, REFAB. to present and discuss the latest innovations and concepts.


At the accompanying exhibition, “The Future Protein Award” was won by “Swarm – the Insect Bar” with protein from crickets.

A competitor “Solar Foods OY” claims they can produce entirely new kind of protein using only air and electricity as the main resources for sustainable feed! Technology seems to be a kind of fermentation process.
The REFAB conference, organised by the Nova research institute in Cologne, presented the international innovations and developments from about 60 lecturers representing all major stakeholders in technology, agriculture, waterfarming etc..

Beescanning presented how the worlds Bees can be saved by its groundbreaking technology.

To summarise; AI and sustainability is the common focus as well as a need for the major chemical vendors to “greenwash” their businesses to accommodate to a change in public opinion.

For Beescanning connections were made that may prove important for building a strong network with the EU-bureaucracy.

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