BeeScanning wins SKAPA – award

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Awards are raining on BeeScanning! Just a few weeks after receiving first prize “Impact Maker” in Venture Cup, Björn Lagerman now was handed the SKAPA-regional award from the hands of governor Maria Larsson at the Örebro castle. The prize is in memory of the inventor Alfred Nobel.

Björn and Governor Maria Larsson at the ceremony held in the Castle of Örebro.

– Im so proud of course. Both personally, but also for the focus it creates on beekeeping and its challenges. I started this project because I felt so sorry for my bees and wanted to help them.

BeeScanning helps the beekeeper and researchers to early detection of the parasite varroa destructor and other threats to the bees. Images are taken with a mobile app with sends them to a server. With artificial intelligence the small parasites are diagnosed and the proper action can be decided to help the colony.

The award, besides 30 000 kr also qualifies a place in the national finale. In the jury motivation the great impact the innovation can have on beekeeping globalt – and consequentlyto all landbased ecosystems on earth. In the motivation one also mentioned the great commercial potential on an international market.

We are now in an exiting stage with a magical product and 2000 users, though we havent even started marketing. Entering commercial mode is imminent. We are starting to charge 1 USD for analysing a colonys health status.

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