A little story about a jig for BeeScanning

 In jigg

This is a story about a clever beekeeper, a wise wife, the world’s best blacksmith and a beekeeper who does not give up after the first attempt.

Klas-Olof Olsson makes his fourth model after discussions about different functions, adjustable, rotatable …

Works fine, I think. But Mrs.Elisabet thinks it’s getting way too complicated and clumsy. Why dont you look at a book support? It is just an L. Hm …

I think I dreamed that you can make from just a loop of rebar. And get most of the features.

The blacksmith, Lars Jansson, always has one more idea, at least.

Time for field trials. Shows some ill-conceived details.
Front with angle grinder and drill. Modified variant!

New test!

8 pictures per frame takes 1-2 minutes to shoot.

High quality images can withstand zooming

The stand can be folded for storage and transport.

Soon we have the next model underway but right now we are very happy! All four!

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