BeeScanning follow up presentation

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Erik Österlund was invited bye the Swedish Agricultural Departement to give a speech on the BeeScanning project. Event was organized by The Swedish Professional Beekeepers Association.


– Follow up

The BeeScanning project develops an app for smartphones hand tablets the uses their cameras. Images will provide basis for helping beekeeping management and research.

I joined the project for three reasons.

  1. I support all initiatives that may help beekeepers developer a varroa resistant bee. With was one of the primary goals for the project, to enable methods assessing varroa infestation levels.
  2. The project is using state of the art tech developments and if we dont do it somebody else shortly wood!
  3. The project has many new potential areas of use for both beekeepers and researchers.

The more the app is used the better it will perform. Rather soon an older american beekeeper suggested the app should find the queen for him. Now it does! When you take an image from a frame the app will indicate and alarm you when the queen is spotted.

It was soon evident that Romanus and his team at Teorem had the competence to live up to the projects expectations. Björn and Rikard Lagerman has worked hard to develop the project. Susanna Kivling has investigated bees in the central part of Sweden taking some 4000 images and compared results with alcohol washing to calibrate the app. She and Björn has labeled regions in images to train the image analyzing software. Myself Im supporting in discussions as advisor. Susanna is now on leave with her new born baby and Emmy Sundström is recruited.

Only creativity can put limits to what neural network technology can do to support our understanding of the bee colony and help us help the bees health. It may support the VSH project and we can train it to detect variation in capping indicating many aspects of interest.

There are numerous ways of using its capacity to rapidly count, brood and food supply in the colony. Sickness in bees and brood can be identified. Video and image sequencing may reveal behavior patterns and moving/stressful indicators.

What are your ideas?/ Erik

Emmy Sundström gave a speech on her business analyzing and preventing American Foulbrood. Emmy has been recruited to the BeeScanning team.

Susanna Kivling (with her little daughter) in talk with Emmy Sundström (to the left) and Barbara Locke.

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