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Here is the rapid presentation to the science community 20201013

And the abstract

Hello everyone and welcome to Beescanning.
The BeeScanning app analyses images, taken with the smartphones camera. It is based on our findings that there is a correlation between the actual varroa infestation level, as measured by alcohol washing or other chemical treatments, and the varroa that is optically detectable.Please find more at 
Diagnosing varroa is for free. Deformed wing virus, brood disorders, queen and colony strength will soon be offered as subscription.

Images are taken on living bees on the comb. App forms basis for decision on treatment and selection in breeding programmes and for population modelling research in colonies. New features include brood diseases and bee behaviours, evolving technology using video and sound analysed by AI.

In our database there are 100 000 + images and videos (increasing by 1000 images per day from users all over the world) and more than 25 000 manually annotated regions in 15 classes. Can be viewed Analysed images are stored and used for further training the AI. During the season 2020 users have detected 300 000 varroa in their images.

Varroa: Mean average precision: 83% Recall 67%, meaning it is accurate enough as a powerful tool.

Metadata as time, geoposition, breed – is collected, aiming for monitoring events, nutritional status, health and to make prognoses.

The Swarm is the sequel to BeeScanning, a research center for projects using Beescanning technology finding new paths using land in a sustainable way. The motto healthy bees in healthy landscapes. Please visit

BeeScanning is funded by the European Innovation Program, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, The Swedish Agency of Innovations, via Kickstarter and 15 national and international awards.

Björn Lagerman, founder BeeScanning Global AB

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