Great Upgrades in the App and AI

 In app

The App is revamped!

New versions launching today for both iOS and Android.

Please delete old versions and reinstall!

Simultaneously the analysing performance is updated with significantly improved capacity to detect varroa, dwv and queen. The AI, artificial intelligence, has been updated with new tools and we now have manually tagged 10 000+ regions in 7 000 images.
Images analysed from within the app now appears automatically in Tagger and there we can examine and feed back new regions to the AI.
We now request another 10 000 images and ask you beekeepers to analyse 10 colonies with 10 images in each. Please perform analysis the coming two weeks.
As we now are leaving beta stage we will after this campaign start charging 20 SEK/colony (USD ≈ 2-3).

There are numeouros images from the app that are impossible to analyse. Often taken from to great a distance and/or blurry. Here is a good one. Please view FAQ.

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