Invitation to eastern beekeepers

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Hello Dear Sirs and beekeeper colleagues. Hope all is fine these days.

Perhaps we met at Apimondia Montreal where we presented the BeeScanning app.
BeeScanning 2.0 detects varroa for free. The app has got a whole new interface and even the artificial intelligence that analyzes the images is brand new. Since its launch on April 27, it has done 4,000 analyzes, scanned 500,000 bees and found 20,000 varroa. There are about 100 new users every day right now. Soon we can show in real time how many varroa are diagnosed in different geographical areas.
We see that there are no users from certain areas and therefore seek contact with Slavic speaking beekeepers and also Turkish, Greek to test that the app works there. We would be very grateful if you wanted to help by downloading, taking some random pictures and sending in analysis so we can see if the mechanics work properly.
The app is translated into 13 languages ​​but we lack, Slavic, Greek, Turkish, Arabic … If you have the opportunity or can help us find someone who can translate we would be extremely grateful.
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