Capital for AI-app and bees

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Capital for AI-app and bees

The AI ​​company Beescanning collects SEK 1.2 m from external owners and invests internationally. BeeScanning has developed an app for detecting parasites and viruses in bee communities. The user photographs their bee communities directly in the application, which is then analyzed in the cloud by algorithms developed together with the AI ​​company, Neurolearn. A spinoff from Örebro University. BeeScanning has a world-unique database of bees, with more than 125,000 images analyzed and 6,500 users worldwide. BeeScanning is used as a practical tool for beekeepers and researchers. In 2020, the app found 150,000 varroa and saved thousands of bee colonies.

The bees have problems

“In the US almost half of all bees die and in Europe about 20 percent die every year. An important cause is the parasite Varroa destructor. The need for and interest in a method like Beescanning is very great among beekeepers all over the world,” explains Björn Lagerman, beekeeper, innovator and founder of Beescanning. There are about 10 million beekeepers worldwide. “We already have 10% of Sweden’s beekeepers who use the app. The company consists of an innovation group with leading experts in both beekeeping and image analysis. The project’s advisor comes from SLU, KTH, Örebro University, Cornell University, NY, USA.

Our plan is that analysis of varroa will continue to be free, and then offer analysis of the bees’ health within a premium function. With new capital and Svanberg’s network for developing companies, it gives us the resources and focus to reach more users and to help more beekeepers to save their communities. ”

The company has been financed through crowdfunding, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the European Innovation Program, Vinnova, the incubator Incubate in Örebro, Almi and Handelsbanken. The company has received 15 awards nationally and internationally. Venture Cup, European Bee Award, Carnegie the entrepreneur of the future, Green Challenge, Örebrogalan Innovation of the Year, Skapapriset Örebro, Brewhouse Award and more.

The investment

By bringing in the family-owned investment company SVANBERG & Co INVEST (including the largest owner in listed Swedencare), Beescanning is now investing in an international market and commercialization of the product.

This will be the fourth investment in impact investing that SVANBERG & CO makes: “We have in the past year focused on sustainable investments and are now in foodtech, lifescience and e-commerce companies that all work for a more sustainable society. Beescanning has already come incredibly far without external capital. Through our investment, we want to contribute with experience in sales and board work, says Olof Svanberg “, Investment Manager
Beescanning is a company founded by the innovator Björn Lagerman who also developed the beekeeping system FreeBee and the company The Swam. Contact: Björn Lagerman. Tel: 070-5603893

SVANBERG & CO INVEST is a family-owned investment company with 20 investments in various companies. 3 major investments in listed companies. Among others Swedencare and Polygiene. Contact: Olof Svanberg. Tel: 073-699 5520.


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