New release – Global Varroa Heat Map

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Hi beekeepers! Today we are launching a great new and FREE feature in the BeeScanning app – The Global Varroa Heat Map. A visualization of years of analyzing data from our global network of beekeepers. The map is based on more than 140 000 varroa analyzes, 23 million analyzed bees and over 230 000 found varroa mites.

The map shows the latest results from analyzes done with BeeScanning. You can select year.

The varroa map is a powerful way to understand the varroa status on a global scale but also to visualize what’s going on in your area right now. Just zoom in on the map to see your region (we never show exact apiary positions). If you allow the app to collect your GPS data, your varroa results will be added as an important part of the heatmap. Join thousands of beekeepers in more than 170 countries and help everyone understand the state and impact of varroa infestations better!

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