OAE update 1

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Update 220429
Please see previous post on setup

Some observations :
1.Natural precipitation 15 – 16th April was between 0-38 mites.
2.BeeScanning correctly noted which were which.
3. The dose of 25/25 g Oxalic Acid/Glycerol gave rather dry canopies with limited effect.
4. On 21a the dose was increased to 50/50 g giving saturated cloths and moist surface. In community 3, treasure box was given on top. This exposes the bees to a larger surface area as they can more easily walk on the top of the strips.
5.On the 23rd, treasure boxes were also added to No. 4 and No. 15.
6. The effect comes 1 – 2 days later.
7.In the fallout, an increasing proportion of light immature mites has been noted, also purged premature bees with dwv have been noted in nr 4 and 15. This can be interpreted that the infestation triggers purging behaviour and that when bees pull out an infested imago prematurely, light mites that have not had time to develop fully are released at the same time.
8.Calculating 11 days from 21a, a considerable reduction in varroa should be noticed around 2a May.
Randy Oliver’s studies indicate full effect after about 50 days.
9. The colonies are close together and, with the exception of nr. 29, are full sized. It is noteworthy that Nr. 29 and 75 have zero or near zero deposition. It is questionable whether the so-called reinvasion effect exists at all. This is the same experience as in the two previous studies in 2019 and 2021.

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