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Prerequisites: Three full-size communities in the same apiary. Distance about 5 meters between the cups. Precipitation was measured every day. Treatment 1: OAG strips on April 18th.
Results: After about two weeks, 27, 73 and 1837 varroa had fallen in communities 3, 29 and 42, respectively.
Conclusion of this? 1. OAG seems to have some effect after a few days.
2. There can be a huge difference in varroa growth in the same apiary.
Assumptions about the significance of reinvasion do not seem to be true here.

To see how much varroa there really was left.

Treatment 2: Apistan after 26 and 28 days, respectively.
During the 14 days that followed, 35, 562 and 464 fell in each community. Then 0 per day. Conclusion of this? Varroa can grow and multiply despite treatment with OAG.
2. Society No. 3 had the ability to limit varroa and not to become infected.
3. Apistan knocked out basically all the varroa within two weeks.

If you do not examine your communities, you can get unpleasant surprises. The queen in 29 and 42 was replaced. While nr3 had to leave material for breeding. The study was repeated during the season to see the effect of Amitraz.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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