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We now have concluded our small study of how OAG works. Find previous post abut method.

During 46 days we have measured from 19 april until 5th of june. It seems Randy Olivers observation that full effect takes up to 50 days is correct. Bees remove the papers very slowly and thus are exposed for the whole period.

Bees doesn’t seem to bother the application.

Effect on varroa

In the colony with heaviest infestation there was a dramatic drop of varroa during the first weak where half of what fell during the whole period fell to the bottom.

There was a great difference in the colonies own defence. In nr 3:ca 1v/day, nr 29: ca 14v/d and in nr 42: 50v/d.

Columns F, J och N show total varroa per day. Sum dropped was Nr3:62st, Nr29:635st and Nr42:2295st varroa.

After three weaks Fluvalinate was applied to find out how many mites there were on thee bees. You can find the effecten day after redlabaled cell rows and that levels soon were back to before the Fluvalinate treatment, that is dropping from hatching cells we take it. Fluvalinate was removed within 3-5 days.

The varroa development cykel is 11-13 days depending on if its in worker- or dronebrood. In the tabell the is apattern after each 12 day period.


Effcts on the colonies

Nr 42 with more than 2000 varroa has been weekend during the period, there has been a steady dropping of damageged brood on the bottom. Could be varroa virus. As varroa levels diminished the damaged brood disapeared.

Nr 3 and 29 has not shown any negative signs from the OAG. They have growb normally we beestrenght about 4 x 12 shallow Langstroth by 5th of june wich is normal.


Seems reasonable to treat all colonies with OAG if varroa is present in apiarys. Its a mild method to the bees, cheap, no known risk of resistance or contamination of honey or wax, simple to apply with low hazardous.

Once we have monitored all our coloinies with BeeScanning we will treat all and then repeat the scanning in the end of the season. We may the evaluate the method on more than 100 colonies.

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