Short term project proposal

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We submitted a proposal “Development of the BeeScanning app to include statistics, management and registration of bee colonies.”  kortprojekt-2021-beescanning according  to the offer below. It would fit perfectly in to our plans for further developing the apps management capabilities.

Swedish Board of Agriculture 
Possibly new project funds for beekeeping as early as 2021
We are now looking for project ideas that can be implemented before 31 July 2021.

In its work on the forthcoming rural policy 2022-2027, the EU has announced that it wants to increase support for beekeeping. The increase may become relevant as early as 2021. Funds have been set aside in the EU budget already for 2021. The decision has not yet been made, but is expected to be taken before the new year. If there is a positive decision, the allocated funds for 2021 must be used up before 31 July next year

We are now looking for project ideas
Despite the uncertainty about whether there will be funds to apply for or not, we are now going out and looking for project ideas. We want you to send in before 18 December

project idea, max one quarter A4 page
estimated amount
plausibility assessment showing that there are human resources to complete the project before 31 July 2021.
The projects must be within the EU’s eight categories and within the goals that are included in Sweden’s program.

Please note that the projects must be of collective benefit and cannot be designed to support individual beekeepers.

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