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Saturday 20.02.2021, from 11.50 to 13.00, Romanian time, during the beekeeping Congress organized by us, you can hear under the theme Apiculture 4.0 the conference of Mr. Bjorn Lagerman from Sweden. If you feel sorry for the bee to do the alcohol test or the sugar test to see the level of varroa infestation, then the Conference given by Bjorn in English should not miss you! Bjorn has developed since 2017 with the help of photos a database of tens of thousands of photos and with the help of artificial intelligence and mathematical logarithms – the result is an application that can become your little veterinarian in your pocket, specializing exclusively in bees! “I have been taking pictures of my bees for many years for various reasons, to learn. Since 2016 I have been systematically taking pictures of brood frames. Examining on the computer screen I saw mites that I could not see live bees. to compare the mites in the pictures with washing with alcohol, and as I found a correlation, I realized that there was a possible method.In 2017 I formed a group and ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to build a online tool to collect images and start training artificial intelligence by analyzing images.From there we received all the funds needed for the development of technology.It helped us win 15 international awards along the way. The main purpose of BeeScanning, in addition to giving me a tool to help my bees, the main idea is to find healthy bees that can survive without chemicals. By collecting metadata about GPS, (optional), race, time and correlating it with about 20 different categories that we analyze (pollen, stores, number of bees, cell caps, etc.) we have the unique opportunity to put together new knowledge in -a way that has never been possible before. ” Bjorn has been a science teacher and has been raising bees since 1972. He generally supports about a hundred families, but his passion for them has taken him to another level, that of innovation. In 1983, together with his brother Adam, he had a show dedicated to beekeeping on Swedish radio! For registrations http://congresapicol.ro/ If you are redirected from the zoom page due to lack of seats, you must answer a question and you will be added to the page of a special group on the faceboook dedicated to the congress! Only there will the congress be broadcast! (Published by Romanian fb-group https://www.facebook.com/florin.dascalut?comment_id=Y29tbWVudDozNTA1OTQ4MTAyODY1NzM0XzM1MDYwOTYyNTk1MTc1ODU%3D)

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