Dinner at the Kings Table

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“This is their Majesties way of rewarding and thank specially selected people from whole Sweden that has contributed to something good for the country. This was for the eighth time and the guests were nominated by the Chieftains from the 21 counties in Sweden that could bring 5-6 persons from their own county.The Royal Family selects among the nominees.”

BeeScanning, Björn Lagerman, had the honor seat at the Kings table!

A most memorable occassion. 18 o clock Örebro chieftain Maria Larsson invited the delegation on Champagne at the Sheraton hotel.

Landshövding Maria Larsson och Herr Gunnar Larsson, Örebro län
Biodlare Björn Lagerman och Fru Elisabet Lagerman, BeeScanning, Örebro län
VD Marie Lindqvist-Pahlstad och Ekonomiansvarig Jenny Helldén, Zilenzio, Örebro län
Konstnärlig chef Gregor Zubicky och Fru Teresa Zubicky Jansen, Örebro konserthus,

kl 19

From the left Gunnar, Maria, Gregor, Teresa, Jenny, Elisabet, Björn och Marie.

At the bailey

On our way to the reception

Images from laying the tables

(Foto: Henrik Garlöv/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

Images from Coffee with avec

During the coffee adjutants called Björn Lagerman to present about Beescanning both to the Queen and the Crown prinsess. Was special to be able to show how AI may find the Queen:)

The Queens bishop (closest servant) during the dinner. Colors reminding of the union with Norway.

Cigar in the eighties room


Crown princess adjutant going home, Secret police is leaving.

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