Unique Varroa Anatomy Images

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Parasite Varroa has developed the perfect body preying on honeybees. Every detail in its organs drives it forward feeding on the bees fat tissue. Varroa mouth parts are thrown with force through the bees “skin”. Enzymes are induced and digestion takes place outside the parasite. Once the “smoothie ” is ready to digest its sucked from the host.
All images from Dennis van Engelsdorp presentation at Apiscandia. Images are created in an electron microscope by Samuel Ramsey.

Varroa between bees segments.

Check out mouthparts between front pair of legs!

Mouthparts are thrown into the bee.

Parasites impression on bees “skin” and entrance hole of mouth parts.

Varroa has developed a snorkel for breeding while its sucking body fat from the bee.At the left are breathing parts.

With new knowledge, new possibilities to fight the mite emerges.

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