Update! Log in issues solved

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Please update! Login issues solved at last. Thank you for your patience.

2.0.2 for iOS iPhone available now and Android 2.0.4 during the day


– Improved mobile phone number validation to allow accidental duplicate country prefix to be entered in the mobile phone input field.

– The country prefix added visually in the UI.

– More pronounced presentation of the country flag select widget.

– Validation added on (ISO) 3 letter country code vs. country prefix, as well as valid international number (server-side) before sending SMS. If an issue occurs a message will be displayed for user.

– FAQ new line character (\n) parse issue fixed.

– (Bug fix) Issue with short numbers (8 digit numbers) not being validated correctly, resulting in duplicate country code issue. Validation has been relaxed to allow customers that was previously blocked during login.

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