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Update the app!


A new version 1.0.2 can be installed from Google Play and from App Store 1.0.2 -Position of detection boxes corrected. -Origins editing offline enabled. -Deleting origins, images and collection enabled. -Crashing due to memory allocation fixed. Specifically for iOS -Camera issue fixed low resolution in landscape mode…(Read More)

Rotation problem


Right now there is a fault in Android version where images are rotated 90 degrees. This happens when taking pictures with phone in landscape position. It causes boxes of found objects are misplaced. We just identified the problem and are working on a solution. &nbsp…(Read More)

The App is revamped! New versions launching today for both iOS and Android. Please delete old versions and reinstall! Simultaneously the analysing performance is updated with significantly improved capacity to detect varroa, dwv and queen. The AI, artificial intelligence, has been updated with new tools and we now have manually tagged 10 000+ regions in…(Read More)

Good image quality


Image quality is essential for analysing results. Take image from a distance of about 20 cm. Preferably in the shadow, reducing over and underexposed areas. Use both hands and/or a support to avoid motion blurr…(Read More)

Consider this to take a proper image for analysing. 1. Correct distance about 20 cm 2. Focus. Hold your cellphone steady with both hands. Place the comb on a stand. 3. Avoid direct sunlight. Shadow gives better images without sharp contrasts. 4. MAny bees. A collection from a colony should contain more than 5000 bees…(Read More)

Autofocus on iPhone


We have noticed that autofocus on iPhone is out of order. The problem has been seen on iPhone 6,8 and 10 with version iOS 11.4 Maybe the iOS version is the culprit. Please report your experience to…(Read More)

Hello Dear BeeScanners


The BeeScanning app is still in beta mode. We are working to improve several issues with the app. How it responses, the way to interact, detection performance, account issues, payment models etc.. image quality on iOS… Your account has been credited 1000 tokens/coins valid until we upgrade from beta mode. Thank you for your…(Read More)

Black holes


We have noticed that some collections may have missing images. We are working to solve this issue…(Read More)

iOS is imminent


The app has been rebuilt to accomodate to Apple guidelines.Launching this week Next steps: -free scanning – improving performance. Less false objects. User reports help to train AI. – enhanced architecture, images loading faster…(Read More)