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In our peculiar world where 800 milj people starve and many biljons are to fat a sound food production is vital to our future. At the food tech summit “Sustainology” organised by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce lot of the cutting edge startups and initiatives in Stockholm/Örebro and New York met, presented and networked…(Read More)

REFAB in Cologne


On 1 and 2 October, around 200 experts from 25 countries met in Cologne for the international conference “Revolution in Food and Biomass Production”, REFAB. to present and discuss the latest innovations and concepts. REFAB At the accompanying exhibition, “The Future Protein Award” was won by “Swarm – the Insect Bar” with protein from crickets.…(Read More)

Coloss and EurBee8


BeeScanning 16-18 september attended Coloss-meeting and exhibition in Ghent. There are research initiatives that wants to use Beescanning technology. One wants to evaluate the economical thresholds from varroa infestation another invites Beescanning as advisor on aresearch board, “BEE-cOHESIvE– “honeyBEEs – Operationalizing HEalth Status Index in Europe” H2020-project. Please find further meeting points…(Read More)

Erik Österlund was invited bye the Swedish Agricultural Departement to give a speech on the BeeScanning project. Event was organized by The Swedish Professional Beekeepers Association. Beescanning – Follow up The BeeScanning project develops an app for smartphones hand tablets the uses their cameras. Images will provide basis for helping beekeeping management and research. I…(Read More)

Bologna Coloss


On the 21-22 march, in Bologna, Italy, BeeScanning was invited to give a presentation to world researchers gathered to exchange results and plan future research about Varroa. Very valuable input and new connections were established that may contribute to the project…(Read More)