Innovation team


    Björn Lagerman

    Project manager

    Area of responsibility; Idea, project owner, project manager, financial control, method development, marketing.
    Experience: Business owner Fribi HB, 45 years of semi professional beekeeping . Inventor of the ”fribi system- frameless honeyhandling” see . Initiator and leader of several large projects on regional and national level.

      Daniel Hjerth

      Area of responsibility: Developing varroa image analyzing software based on neural networks.
      Specialist in Fast-RCNN (Fast Regions with Convolutional Neural Networks) and similar methods (YOLO and ordinary RCNN)
      • Location: Enköping
      • Website: Link

        Emil Romanus


        Area of responsibility; Development of software for analyzing images of varroa. App-development that provides the GUI between users and the technology that delivers the re- sults. Development of structure and content for database and community services.
        Experience: 15 year in the industry. Owner and CEO Bithack AB and Teorem AB. Numerous cut- ting edge projects. Developer of the ”MegaGraph” tool for image analytics. Open source github.

          Emmy Sundström

          Area of responsability:Ansvarsområde: acting head of experiments, manual analysis of images, assessment of methods, planning for development 2.00
          Experience: 15 years of professional beekeeping, veterinarian with own business, worked with field trials and laboratory work within bee research.

              Erik Österlund

              Beekeeping expert

              Area of responsibility; International marketing in magazines, social forums and communities. Shared resp. in biological phase of method development.
              Experience: Beekeeping techniques for 40 years, breeding programs, international network, former editor of the national Swedish Beekeeping magazine for 30 years, business owner fa Elgon.

                Jens Frank


                Area of responsibility; Design of expanded pilot study, evaluation and scientific stan- dards.
                Experience: Researcher at SLU in the field of big predators, interdisciplinary research human-ani- mal, expert and author of books on training service dogs. Beekeeper for 10 years.

                  Rikard Lagerman

                  Area of responsibility; Design and supervision of digital solutions.

                  Experience: Specialist on system integration, international collaboration on leading online game providing coordination business.

                      Susanna Kivling


                      Leave for childbirth:

                      Area of responsibility; Extended pilot survey investigator, field sampling, testing; shared resp. manual image analyzing. Shared resp. marketing and publications.
                      Experience: Msc in Animal Science, Field research on biological data, author in beekeeping press, translator of technical manuals from german – swedish. Attending Higher Vocational Education for beekeepers.

                        Thomas Dahl

                        Marketing, prepress, authority and organisations lobbyist, beekeeping expert

                        Area of responsibility; Networking with beekeeping businesses, organizations and authorities. Shared resp. for marketing and BeeScanning evaluation.
                        Experience: Beekeeping 40 years, Developer of hive and accessories as well as marketing. Pro- fessional printing and media expertise. v.chairman Beekeeper Companies Association.




                          Atsuto Maki

                          Advisor machine learning

                          Associate Professor, KTH, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Interaction

                          • Location: Stockholm
                          • Website: Link

                            Bert Thrybom

                            Advisor beekeeping

                            Scientific advisor, project supervision VSH-sweden. Genetics and insemination techniques.

                            • Tel: +46705172285
                            • Location: Gösslunda Karleberg S-531 98 Lidköping Sweden
                            • Website: Link

                              Joachim de Miranda

                              Advisor beekeeping

                              Docent/Associate Professor SLU, expert bees/viruses/varroa

                                Randy Oliver

                                Advisor beekeeping

                                Worldleading authority, applied research on beekeeping issues. Columnist American Bee Journal.

                                • Location: CA, USA
                                • Website: Link

                                  Serge Belongie

                                  Advisor image analysing

                                  prof. Cornell Univ. Worldleading authority, digital image analysis. Developer of Visipedia.

                                  • Location: Ithaca, New York, USA
                                  • Website: Link