Two Awards
Björn receives the prize and shows a dead little bee!
Björn thanks Teorem for the cooperation.
Motivations from the jurys
"The winner has in a pioneering way, combined advanced digital technology with ecological sustainability. The digital image analysing and self learning neural network technology in the application, in a distinct way shows how smart digital tools can help solving a global issue threatening important parts of our nature." Nethouse prize jury
"With research and  advanced technology the winner contributes to solve a global problem. Based on the company own experience in the business and successful international networking a totally unique innovation has been created on the market" Inkubera prize jury
Save your bees with an app
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New revolutionizing tool launching

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How many mites are there?
On moving bees its almost impossible!
How it works

Control Varroa destructor
VarroaScanning with your SmartPhone
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Photographed Broodframes

Quality will be cruical for analyzing

Distance 20 cm (with iPhone 6) gives proper resolution.

Images uploads. Read results and decide measures.

Varroa may hide between segments, on side or be partly hidden under wings.
Bitter to detect or nice and easy, sweet!