Klas Olof Olsson has developed a jigg or stand to facilitate photography.

Most important features.

The camera is steady.
The camera moves with the slide to predetermined positions. Provides correct distance and covers maximum surface area.
Can be adjusted for different frame sizes and for the camera landscape or portrait.
The position can be tilted to allow light into the cells.
Both sides of the frame can be quickly photographed by rotating the frame without lifting it.
Two frames are accommodated so that the first one remains while retrieving the third frame. Admits that there is room in the compartment to retrieve a new frame and hang back without crushing the bees.
Available in different legs to fit different surfaces.

The stand is placed on, for example, a dome roof perpendicular and inclined towards the sun.
Frame 1 is downloaded.
Photographed on page 1. (Slider in position 1. 21 cm.)
Photographed on page 2. (The slide is moved to position 2.)
Frame 2 is downloaded.
Frame 1 is hung back in the compartment.
Frame 2, steps 3-5.
Frame 3 is retrieved ….. Frame 2 is hung back.