Update 7

It is difficult to make sense of the development of the varroa case. The downward trend seems to have been broken. Possibly the increase could be seen against the fact that there was an [...]

OAE update 3

The study of the effect of the long-term treatment OAE on varroa continues to puzzle. The y-axis shows daily deposition of varroa. Looks like the peak of 460 mites in #15 is now coming down. [...]

OAE – whats going on?

Our daily inspection of falling mites during treatment with OAE raises questions. Here you can see number of falling mites each day in the 5 colonies examined. What do you make of this? Is it [...]

OAE update 2

Exiting trend break. Varroa levels coming down. This is expected if the mites are hindered from multiplying. Wich may depend on less mites alive, less trying to enter brood cells to breed and [...]

OAE update 1

Update 220429 Please see previous post on setup Some observations : 1.Natural precipitation 15 – 16th April was between 0-38 mites. 2.BeeScanning correctly noted which were which. 3. The [...]

OAE study

In 2019 we made a study on efficacy of OAE (Oxalic Acid Extended) long term treatment. We then used strips of absorbing paper used for conserving flowers. We found an effect but in the long run [...]