New features

We are looking for healthy bees. Training for detection of sickness. Deformed wing virus, DWV and sac brood virus, SBV. If you come across a colony with problems please use the app, document, and [...]


The app has been updated to 2.0.3 iPhone and 2.0.5 Android. – Information about the location of the images via GPS has now been made voluntary. We recommend allowing if you want to help [...]

Known user issues

Right now 2020-05-28 19:54 1. Italy: users do not receive SMS. “Can’t change country code” 2. Finland: No media files sent. GPS? 3. Jamaica: Too short phone number. Will be [...]

New jig

New jig for BeeScanning Klas Olof Olsson in Enköping is a skilled craftsman and experienced beekeeper. He has developed an aid for taking good pictures. It is free to copy and alter. Please then [...]

App users -watch out!

We have discovered a flaw in the logic that may cause you to loose your images! We will asap add a warning when you click the back arrow top left saying “Save images?” Meanwhile. [...]

Hope you didn’t notice

We have swapped to totally cloud based analysing your images. Sorry to say we failed to scale images properly and for two days regions were misplaced. We reverted and all is fine while we fix new [...]

Update 2.0.1

On launch 2.0 we had a bug for new users on Android. (Screen for accepting Terms of Use did not pop up). 2.0.1 solves this [...]

SMS issues

We have seen that there are some problems with SMS. 1. Users in the US cannot receive SMS due to a problem with the sms provider. 2. The countdown while waiting for SMS is confusing as you can [...]

2.0 is here!

Finally! After 9 months of intense work, we present BeeScanning version 2.0 Free download and use. Android here and for [...]