Apimondia presenting

Rome, June 12, 2019 Dear Mr. Lagerman, On behalf of the Scientific Program Committee, we are delighted to inform you that the abstract “BeeScanning – monitors bees health” has been accepted [...]

OAG results

We now have concluded our small study of how OAG works. Find previous post abut method. oag-test-avslut During 46 days we have measured from 19 april until 5th of june. It seems Randy Olivers [...]

OAG treatment results

OAG, OxalicAcidGlycerol is a promising method of treatment against varroa. It fills the need of a method not to stressful to the bees. To handle varroa hidden in the brood as it hatches and you [...]


This stand is built by Klas Olof Olsson to make it easier taking pictures with BeeScanning. It gives the proper distance and eliminates shake blur. This is the first prototyp to my knowledge. It [...]

OAG trial

OAG, OxalicAcidGlycerol is a very promising treatment against varroa parasite. Filling the need to treat in spring when most mites are hidden in the brood and in the same time not contaminating [...]

Testing app/alco washing

Klas Olov Olsson is a keen beekeeper in Enköping area. Here som preliminary results. It seems app is somewhat underestimating infestation level Median 0,7 where alco washing says 1%. We can [...]

Join Reference Group

Thank you for your interest! We have now received enough participants to start the reference group. And therefore close the request. If you have applied you will soon get instructions. Be part of [...]

GPS enabled in app

In update 1.0.10 geoposition is enabled. User will be asked to allow location before scanning. Location will be sent to the database along with scanning. Purpose is to find areas with strains of [...]