4th International Bee and Hive Monitoring Conference

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Here is the BeeScanning contribution.

and the abstract

BeeScanning -monitors bees health

The BeeScanning app analyses images, taken with the smartphones camera on living bees on the comb. It is based on that there is a correlation between the actual varroa infestation level as measured by alcohol washing and the varroa that is optically detectable.

Results can be used for decision on treatment and selection in breeding programmes.

Diagnosing varroa is for free. DWV, brood disorders, queen and colony strength will soon be offered as subscription

In our database there are 100 000 + images and videos (increasing by 1000 images per day from users all over the world) and more than 25 000 manually annotated regions in 15 classes. Analysed images are stored and used for further training the AI. During the season 2020 users have detected some 120 000 varroa, 60% confidence filter and correction multiple for hidden varroa applied).

Varroa: Mean average precision: 83% (Number of varroa found compared to sum of true and false varroa). Recall 67%, (Number of varroa found compared to all true visible) The AI is accurate enough as a practical tool.

Metadata as time, geoposition and breed – is collected, aiming for monitoring events, nutritional status, health, prognoses.

BeeScanning is funded by the European Innovation Program, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, The Swedish Agency of Innovations, via Kickstarter and 15 awards.

Björn Lagerman

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