The team


Björn Lagerman

Project manager

Area of responsibility
Founder, owner, project manager, financial control, method development, marketing.
Business owner Fribi HB, 45 years of semi professional beekeeping. Inventor of the ”fribi system- frameless honeyhandling” see Initiator and leader of several large projects on regional and national level.

Mail: Tel. 0705603893 | Location. Lindesberg | Website: Link

Rikard Lagerman


Area of responsibility
Design and supervision of digital solutions.
Specialist on system integration, international collaboration on leading online game providing coordination business.

Mail: Tel. +46703310926 | Location. Mariestad |


Daniel Bergkvist
Market & innovation

Area of responsibility 
Exploring and expanding commercial opportunities.

Founder of

Mail: Tel.‭+46  070 716 15 76 | Location. Örebro | Website: Link

Jerker Sandsten


Area of responsibility
Architecture and backend development, supporting the mobile application.
Development of multiple applications and systems, across different businesses.

Mail: Tel. +46761169456 | Location. Lidköping


Adam Vikström
Digital marketing

Area of responsibility (Active 2018-2020)
Design, digital marketing

CEO Deligate, digital marketing in food tech.

Mail: Tel.‭+46 72-715 27 22 | Location. Örebro | Website: Link

Emmy Sundström


Area of responsibility (Active 2018-2019)
acting head of experiments, manual analysis of images, assessment of methods, planning for development 2.0.

15 years of professional beekeeping, veterinarian with own business, worked with field trials and laboratory work within bee research.

Mail: Tel. 073-243 78 66 | Location. Uppsala| Website: Link

Martin Längkvist

Researcher  Örebro University, Neurolearn AB

Area of responsibility
Developing varroa image analyzing software based on neural networks.
Specialist in Fast-RCNN (Fast Regions with Convolutional Neural Networks) and similar methods (YOLO and ordinary RCNN)

Mail: Location. Uppsala | Website: Link

Erik Österlund

Beekeeping Expert

Area of responsibility
International marketing in magazines, social forums and communities. Shared resp. in biological phase of method development.
Beekeeping techniques for 40 years, breeding programs, international network, former editor of the national Swedish Beekeeping magazine for 30 years, business owner fa Elgon.

Mail: Tel. 070-496 94 44 | Location. Hallsberg | Website: Link

Mattias Andershed

Business Coach 

Area of responsibility (Active 2017-2020)
Business and marketing strategy.
CEO, COO, founder and owner of several companies. Inkubera Örebro Business Coach.

Mail: Tel.070-310 80 33 | Location. Grimsö | Website: Link

Jens Frank


Area of responsibility (Active in forming the initial project 2016-2017)
Design of expanded pilot study, evaluation and scientific stan- dards.
Researcher at SLU in the field of big predators, interdisciplinary research human-ani- mal, expert and author of books on training service dogs. Beekeeper for 10 years.

Mail: Tel. 070-259 07 70 | Location. Grimsö | Website: Link

Susanna Kivling


Area of responsibility (Active 2016-2017)
Extended pilot survey investigator, field sampling, testing; shared resp. manual image analyzing. Shared resp. marketing and publications.
Msc in Animal Science, Field research on biological data, author in beekeeping press, translator of technical manuals from german – swedish. Attending Higher Vocational Education for beekeepers.

Mail: susanna@kivling.comTel. +358414771864 | Location. Hallsberg

Thomas Dahl

Marketing, prepress, authority and organisations lobbyist, beekeeping expert

Area of responsibility (Active in initial phase)
Networking with beekeeping businesses, organizations and authorities. Shared resp. for marketing and BeeScanning evaluation.
Beekeeping 40 years, Developer of hive and accessories as well as marketing. Pro- fessional printing and media expertise. v.chairman Beekeeper Companies Association.

Tel. 070-445 24 28 | Location. Höre, Hallsberg


Atsuto Maki

Advisor, Machine Learning

Associate Professor, KTH, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Interaction

Location. Stockholm | Website. Link

Joachim de Miranda

Advisor, beekeeping

Docent/Associate Professor SLU, expert bees/viruses/varroa

Tel. 018-672 437 | Location.Uppsala | Website. Link

Randy Oliver

Advisor beekeeping

Worldleading authority, applied research on beekeeping issues. Columnist American Bee Journal.

Location. CA, USA | Website. Link

Serge Belongie

Advisor, Image Analysing

Prof. Cornell Univ. Worldleading authority, digital image analysis. Developer of Visipedia.

Location. New York, USA | Website. Link