Welcome to BeeScanning

This is a unique tool for monitoring your Bees to discover varroa and other risk factors. Please have a look at this user guide, before you start using the app.

Get started

Sign up with your email and create your account. It’s free.

Entering screen

Take your first image by tapping icon lower right.

Choose source

Camera for new picture, or add from your gallery.

Take picture

Use the onscreen bee to position your camera.
Please consider these examples as how to NOT take images

New collection

Tap button New Collection to sample images from a new hive.

Scan collection

When ready, and online, scan a collection to analyze it.

Collection options

Rename, delete..


View results from each image. Zoom to see possible varroa infestations.


Report if error. Detected objects labeled. Infestation in each image is calculated separately.

Results summary

With suggested actions.