User Guide

Welcome to BeeScanning

This is a unique tool for monitoring your Bees to discover varroa and other risk factors. Please have a look at this user guide. You will also be taken through these steps the first time you start using the app.


After creating your account, get started by creating your first apiary.


Give you apiary a name.


You’ve just created your first apiary. Now let’s add a hive.


Give your hive a name.


From the dropdown, select the breed of your bees. If you’re unsure what breed they are, select option #1 Unknown.


Now that we have both an apiary and a hive, please go ahead and do the first analyse.


Decide whether to import images from your camera roll or take new images. You can add up to 30 images for each analyse.

Please consider these examples as how to NOT take images


Once you have taken pictures in your hive, press “Analyse” to have our AI scan the images for you.


View results and get suggestions on how to treat possible infestation.


Final step! If you like, tap an image to review it and validate the results provided by our AI.